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We have dedicated ourselves to the cause of providing food, shelter, medical care and training to horses facing slaughter, abandoned, neglected, or needing temporary housing due to uncontrollable conditions.

To date, since the organization of our rescue, we have saved over 29 horses and have found others folks to foster and house many others noble equines.

We couldn't have done this without your help.  Many of you have sponsored our efforts and helped pay the cost of feed, medical supplies, and transportation of the horses to our facility.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

As with most rescue organizations, our success is enabled by those who donate to the cause.  If you would like to donate a monetary gift to help us buy the necessary feed and medical supplies to sustain our rescue please send a check to the following or press the link below to pay securely online through Paypal.

Click here to donate

Karla Michelson, Owner/Director

Southern Cross Rescue

P.O. Box 266

Ramona, CA 92065-0266

Make checks payable to Karla Michelson